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Regional Management Plan Poll
April 2021
U-Report feedback poll 2018
December 2018
World Children Day 2018
November 2018
Youth aspirations Poll
August 2018
U-Reporters In Liberia share their views and experiences on Issues faced with women and girls on International Women's Day 2018
March 2018
U-Reporters In urban areas share their views and experiences on Issues faced with women and girls on International Women's Day 2018
March 2018
U-Reporters In rural areas share their views and experiences on Issues faced with women and girls on International Women's Day 2018
March 2018
Montserrado Youth Share Their Experiences Finding Jobs Online
August 2017
Help UNICEF to better understand the issues you are faced with as a youth! Your voice matters!
July 2017
State of the World Children's report (SOWC 2017), which aims to engage adolescents and listen to their experiences in the digital age.
May 2017
What do u think about ARTS, SPORTS AND CULTURE ?? Share ur experience on U-Report this week!! The result of this poll will be displayed at the Peace building conference on April 25- 26 2017!
April 2017
What is your View on Peace & Reconciliation?? Have your say on U-Report!! The results of this poll will be displayed at the youth peace building conference on April 25-26
March 2017
Liberia Youth Peace Building Conference April 25-26 2017. (Key discussion around elections)
March 2017
Are U 18 yrs and above, get ready to register and vote in 2017 elections from Feb 1- March 7 2017.
February 2017
Dec 11, 2016 marks UNICEF 70yrs working 4 Children, you can joined the conversation on child rights this week on UNMIL RADIO (91.5). Your Voice Matters!!
December 2016
What is your Source of information in Liberia? Join the dialogue on U-Report today. Ur voice Matters!!
September 2016
Today, we're discussing women's economic empowerment. What is your view??
June 2016
UN General Assembly - What global leaders should end
September 2015
Youth Unemployment
August 2015
Human Trafficking
July 2015
Independence Day
July 2015
Violence Against Women and Children
June 2015
Day of the African Child
June 2015
Liberian Children Media Day
June 2015
World Humanitarian Summit
May 2015
Challenges facing adolescent girls in Liberia
April 2015
World Water Day
March 2015
Teenage pregancy
February 2015
Youth engagement in decision-making -- who makes decisions in your community?
November 2014
EBOLA AWARENESS: Questions for youth, by youth about Ebola awareness in their communities across Liberia.
October 2014
What do the youth want to discuss?
October 2014
HIV & AIDS Awareness Campaign
October 8, 2018
How can people get HIV? A.Thru unprotected sex w/HIV infected person / B.Sharing needles/sharps w/HIV infected person / C.From an infected pregnant woman to child during birth &breastfeeding / D.Transfusion of infected blood / E.All of the above
9,036 responded out of 153,016 polled
How can I prevent myself from getting HIV? A.Consistent &proper use of condoms / B.Regularly taking HIV medications when pregnant &infected / C.Not sharing needles, sharps &syringes / D.Donate blood in time to allow adequate screening / E.All above
7,642 responded out of 9,036 polled
What are benefits of HIV testing? A.U take positive actions / B.U are less likely to transmit to others / C.Early detection slow down spread / D.Builds confidence to care for self / E.U make important decisions / F.Starting treatment early / G.All above
6,704 responded out of 7,642 polled
What’s the importance of taking HIV medication? A.Reduces viral load / B.Allows immune system to get stronger / C.Stronger immune prevents U from getting sick / D.U will be healthier / E.U become productive / F.All above
4,455 responded out of 6,508 polled
What are risks associated with youth sex? A.Risk of HIV infection / B.Risk of STI infection / C.Pregnancies &complications / D.Sexual exploitation / E.All above
4,155 responded out of 4,455 polled
How do you know if someone is HIV infected? A.You cannot know if someone is HIV infected just by looking at them / B.You can only know someone is HIV positive through HIV testing / C.Both A and B
3,693 responded out of 3,895 polled
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